Join us for the most exciting solar event of the year, as we transform you into a solar industry superstar and help you unlock the keys to explosive Income & Impact!

January 14th & 16th, 2022

Join our next 2-day Virtual National Convention:

Force of Nature



Join us for the most exciting solar event of the summer, as we transform you into a solar industry superstar and help you unlock the keys to explosive Income & Impact!

June 11th & 12th, 2021

Become a Solar Industry Superstar

At Evolution, you will get the knowledge you need to become a Solar Industry Superstar, and the action plan and inspiration to sell more solar than you ever have in your life before.

Get advanced life, business, and mastery training to become wildly successful.

Learn from the Top-Performers and World-Class Leaders of our industry.

Get the latest announcements, and product launches to grow your income & impact.

Break through your barriers and limiting beliefs of what’s possible to exponentially grow your results.

Everything you need to be more successful in the solar industry

At Evolution, you will be educated and coached on the principles, skill sets, and strategies that are working today for the top solar industry professionals so you too can become a solar superstar.

Lightning Strikes

Be first to access new products, announcements, and the latest promotions from Powur!

Solar Training

Learn the prospecting, presenting, and closing skills necessary to be a highly paid solar professional.

Life Technologies

Access advanced life technologies to get superior results from your most important asset: your brain.

Keynote Speakers

Learn from the highest level thought leaders, industry experts, and business superstars in the world.

Recognition and Awards

Get recognized for your achievements and get inspired by the success stories of the top performers in solar.

Meet the Executives

Hear from top executives at America's leading solar manufacturers, financiers, and more!

Experience your full potential

In just a month after our last 2-day convention, our consultants skyrocketed their numbers:

Save the Date

January 14th & 15th

From 8 am to 5 pm (PST)
Our event starts in:

Our Live Events are streamed from our 360° Virtual Training Platform, directly into your home.

Our technology allows us to create world-class virtual interactive events that are far more accessible and affordable than traditional live events.

Click play to watch the Powur Virtual Training Platform in action:

Force of Nature is for:

New Consultants who are eager to learn and succeed as quickly as possible.

Consultants who have hit a plateau with their income and need support to push through to a brand new level.

Top-Earning Consultants who are looking to make their current ceiling their new “floor”.

Consultants who may have become inactive and need to learn the proper mindset and skills to reach success.

A Transformational Speakers’ Lineup

Our Main Keynote speaker:

Alex Honnold​

A professional adventure rock climber whose world-renown free-solo ascents have made him a global icon, including the winner of an academy award for best documentary film.

Alex has been profiled by:

Alex is the protagonist of:

Live Beyond Fear

Free Solo

An edge-of-your-seat thriller and an inspiring portrait of an athlete who exceeded our current understanding of the human physical and mental potential.

Click play to watch the trailer:

One of the most inspiring leaders, speakers, and trainers you will ever meet:

Lynne Twist

Having raised hundreds of millions of dollars in her career, all for mission-driven causes, Lynne has truly uncovered how to have a relationship with money that is meaningful, satisfying, and abundant.

Lynne will help you shatter your glass ceilings to invite more money into your life to do more good with it than ever before!

Lynne is the writer of:

The Soul of Money

Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life

This book is an absolute must-read. If you feel inspired, grab a copy for yourself before you hear her talk at Force of Nature, and get ready to have your relationship with money changed for good!

Oscar-winning documentary

Click play to watch the trailer of his Free Solo Documentary.

This Year’s Speaker Lineup Is Our Most Impressive Yet

Our Main Keynote speaker:

Alex Honnold

A professional adventure rock climber whose audacious free-solo ascents of America’s biggest cliffs have made him one of the most recognized and followed climbers in the world. Click play to watch the trailer of his Free Solo Documentary:

Your Powur Team

Leading Industry Presentations to help you stay up-to-date with trends, technology, and new products.
2021-03-17 00.45.02

Jonathan Budd

Powur CEO & Founder

Jonathan was an early internet entrepreneur earning millions by the time he was 26 years old. He founded Powur in 2014 to solve the challenge of solar customer adoption.


Jim Bunch

Powur VP of Culture & Training

Jim is known as an “Impact Entrepreneur, Investor & Advisor”. He is on a mission “to lead a global initiative to change the world.”

2021-03-17 00.43.12

Bobby Smith

Powur Field President

Leads field growth at Powur, ensuring we have the very best consultants and advisors within the solar industry.

2021-03-17 00.43.59

Charles Thompson

Powur Field Leader

25 Year Energy and Solar expert, Sales Mentor, Executive Team member, and the bridge between the Field and Corporate team at Powur PBC.


Raichail McDonald

Sr. Sales Manager

Raichail comes from years of experience in the solar industry and is here to ensure the success of all sales consultants no matter their level of experience.

Your Top Powur Mentors

Leading Breakout Training Sessions to help you grow your business.

14 Sessions in English


Referral Mastery

Learn how to ensure you get a referral with every deal.

Leesa Mansen
Session 2

Hit the Ground Running

Path to 10k a week focused on leads, not sales.

Gal “Gigi” Goffer
Session 3

Team Communication

How to effectively engage the best people on your team.

Luis Perez
Session 4

Online Lead Generation

Online strategies to generate homeowners who want to go solar.

Joe Mousakheel
Session 5

Discovery Calls

Getting a utility bill and setting a time for a solar sales presentation.

Melissa Dawson
Session 6

Close like a Pro

Setting the homeowner up for success in the solar presentation.

Edgardo Gonzalez
Session 7

Enrolling Ambassadors

Learn how to enroll and Engage Solar Ambassadors.

Wally Arida
Session 8

Energy Trends

Leverage the most powerful knowledge of the solar industry.

Desi Felibert
Session 9

Prospecting Mastery

Mastering the daily outreach of prospecting.

Chris Tshibangu
Session 10

Develop a Positive Attitude

Building a confident mindset for success in solar sales.

Eric Garcia
Session 11

Selling Solar as an Asset

How to show homeowners the financial value of solar.

Randy Jason
Session 12

The 6-Steps Sales Process

Learn where to fill the gaps in your solar sales process.

Felipe Moreno
Session 13

Objection Handling

Learn the personality types and hesitations of homeowners.

Solar Lily
Session 14

Your Hot 100 Solar Pipeline

Knowing where to start to achieve your goals.

Curtis Bailey
6 Sesiones en Español

La Factura Eléctrica

Proceso para identificar y eliminar costos de electricidad.

Julio Rivera

4 Pasos un Cierre Efectivo

El proceso para hacer un cierre efectivo de una Venta Solar.

Maria Salazar
SesIÓn 3

Maximiza tu Método

Los 3 motores de tu Negocio y cómo usarlos para obtener máximos resultados.

Irving Hernandez
SesIÓn 4

De 0 a $100,000 en 8 meses

Cómo mantener el enfoque para lograr tus metas de negocio.

Aracely González
SesIÓn 5

Las Redes Sociales

Cómo aprovecharlas para crecer tu negocio.

Arturo Morales
SesIÓn 6

Psicología de la Venta

Cómo entender a tu cliente para cerrar más ventas.

Daniel Quetz
SesIÓn 8

Mentalidad y Mercado

Conocer tu mercado y trabajar con disciplina para afinar tu mentalidad.

José Dominquez

Construyendo impulso

Como ganar impulso en crear equipos y vender energía solar.

William Contreras

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Evolution will be one of the most exciting events you attend in all of 2022. From absolutely inspiring leaders shaping human achievement, to some of the biggest companies and names in solar, to the top solar professionals in Powur teaching exactly what got them there… you will not forgive yourself if you miss Evolution!

There is only one place for you to be January 14th and 15th if you are deeply committed to your excellence in the solar industry, to the vision and mission of Powur, and to accelerating your growth for the remainder of the year. Make the decision to join us at this event, and play your role in shaping the future of energy across America.

I can not wait to see you on January 14th at Evolution. Be prepared to play full out, and bring 100% of yourself to this event. I promise you will get phenomenal results that will be life-changing in every way!

Jonathan Budd
Powur CEO & Founder