It’s Time to Reach Your Maximum Level of Success

Get the Life, Business, and Mastery Training you need to reach your goals broadcasted directly to your home, from the new Powur Virtual Training Platform.

Live Business and Life Training broadcasted directly to your home

We host interactive virtual training events to help you achieve the levels of performance and financial results you know you are capable of.

Get advanced life, business, and mastery training to become wildly successful.

Learn from the Top-Performers and World-Class Leaders of our industry.

Stay up-to-date with the latest announcements, and product launches.

Create personal and business breakthroughs to exponentially grow your results.

A Yearly Schedule of 52 Game-Changing Events

We offer you ongoing practical training dedicated to helping you reach new levels of performance and achievement in your Powur Business.

Two Biannual 2-day Interactive Conventions

Live transformational experiences designed to change your life, massively increase your business results, and empower you with next-level energy, motivation, and vision.

Ten Monthly 4-hour Masterclass Immersives

A deep dive into masterclass topics, energy and state management, the latest solar training, and expert field mentorship from top solar industry professionals, executives, and leaders.

Forty Weekly 1-hour Breakthrough Masterminds

Designed to help you stay constantly plugged in to the proper mindset, and daily activities to continue to grow your business, and implement the training you learn in our other events.

Our Live Events are streamed from our 360° Virtual Training Platform, directly into your home.

Our technology allows us to create world-class virtual interactive events that are far more accessible and affordable than traditional live events.

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Our Next 2-day Interactive Convention:

Force of Nature

This will be a mind-blowing experience, where we teach you the energy management skills, peak performance training, and most cutting-edge solar business mastery needed to create an amazing life and a highly productive business. This will be an exciting live event complete with big company announcements, industry leaders, top-performing speakers, and more.

June 11th and 12th
From 8 am to 5 pm (PST)

In “Force of Nature” we will guide you to develop:

A Winner Mindset

To set you up for life and business success, we will guide you into developing an Empowering New Context where impact, freedom, and wealth are not just possible, but the only option.

Abundant Energy

To perform at your best in life and business, you need to feel mentally, emotionally, and physically charged. We will help you embody the habits that will unlock abundant personal power in you.

Leadership Principles

To build a thriving business, you need to learn to lead others effectively. We will help you learn and apply the necessary principles to unleash your leader within.

High-Impact Skills

To create massive results in your business, you need to focus on developing 2 high-impact skills: selling solar and building your team. We will help you become a master at them.

A Focused Gameplan

We will help you craft your gameplan so you know exactly what actions to do, and what tools to use, to build life-changing active and passive income while making your impact on our planet.

Meet Your Guides

In every event, you will be guided by your Powur Team and an always evolving lineup of World-Class Leaders and Powur’s Top-Performers.
2021-03-17 00.45.02

Jonathan Budd

Powur CEO & Founder

Jonathan was an early internet entrepreneur earning millions by the time he was 26 years old.


Jim Bunch

Powur VP of Culture & Training

Jim is known as an “Impact Entrepreneur, Investor & Advisor”. He is on a mission “to lead a global initiative to change the world.”

2021-03-17 00.43.12

Bobby Smith

Powur Field President

Leads field growth at Powur, ensuring we have the very best consultants and advisors within the solar industry.

2021-03-17 00.43.59

Charles Thompson

Powur Field Leader

25 Year Energy and Solar expert, Sales Mentor, Executive Team member and the bridge between the Field and Corporate team at Powur PBC.

Become a Powur Warrior with your Virtual Training Platform Membership

As a Powur Warrior, you’ll get exclusive access to 52 virtual events per year—events dedicated to training you, inspiring you, and bringing the world’s foremost leaders and experts to you. All included in your monthly platform fee of $85 per month!


$85Billed per month

Become a Powur Warrior and get access to our enhanced Virtual Training Platform!

Two Biannual 2-day Interactive Conventions
Ten Monthly 4-hour Masterclass Immersives
Forty Weekly 1-hour Breakthrough Masterminds

The Powur Virtual Training Platform is the next level of advanced business and life training. These are the collective skills that have allowed our community to grow into a multi-hundred million dollar per year business, on our way to billions.

There has never been a company in history offering such high quality, high production value events and services, streamed directly into your home.

In the “old world” model of attending live events, how much would it cost to attend a one-day convention every single month, a 2-day convention every single quarter, and receive hours of group coaching per week?

In the old model, this would have made getting access to the proper training and education needed totally out of reach for most people. Because of Powur’s investment in the future, we are able to provide a world-class and unheard-of level of training value, for next to nothing compared to the old traditional event model.

I am incredibly excited to see where every Powur Warrior can take their life and business after one year of being fully enrolled in our events and training programs. This community is going to go to the next level, and it’s truly just beginning.

We have one of the most exciting opportunities in the world right now: the first crowd-sourced clean energy platform, bringing to market all the products customers need to lower their electric bills and decrease their carbon footprint. What an amazing time to be alive!

Now, it is up to you to commit to realizing your full potential and becoming the leader you were born to be. The time is now, the company is Powur, and YOU are the leader. Commit to joining the Powur Virtual Training Platform today, and I can’t wait to see you on screen at our next event.

To the top!
Jonathan Budd
Powur CEO & Founder